Limestone Sealant

Used for:

  • Strengthening stone
  • Protecting stone

Our limestone sealant is made especially for WA Natural Limestone. It is a specialised treatment providing a clear water repellent impregnant for high porosity natural stone surfaces such as limestone. Its excellent water repelling qualities provide protection from chemical attack, unsightly mould and fungal disfiguration. Limestone sealant will greatly enhance the life of natural stone surfaces.

The advantages of sealing limestone are:

  • Specially developed for use with natural limestone
  • Has unique water repelling properties that allows the stone to “breathe” and does not affect the appearance of the stone
  • Is water based
  • Is non-flammable, environmentally friendly and contains no volatile organic compounds

Limestone sealant can be applied using a low pressure application. Coverage is around 1m2 per 1.5 litres but may require more according to the porosity of the surface.