WA Natural Limestone

WA Natural Limestone colours range from the cream coloured limestone from the Carabooda region to the biscuit colour of Margaret River Limestone. This Western Australian stone is also available in a smooth diamond cut finish or a textured quarry cut finish, and in limestone veneers and limestone cladding.

Limestone SA (Just Rocks) is the exclusive supplier of the Western Australian stone known as Margaret River Limestone, which is a denser and harder stone ideal for use as a housing stone, retaining walls, random limestone walling and as a general purpose landscaping stone.

WA Natural Limestone offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation qualities, not to mention it's durability and versatility that is not found in any other building material. It is cut directly from the quarry floor in an energy efficient pollution free operation in keeping with the environmental needs of today. It is a natural landscaping stone that is well suited to the harsh Australian conditions WA Natural Limestone keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

This natural landscaping stone has been formed by nature over millions of years and is generally imperfect in its formation. This causes minor variations in the appearance of the face of each limestone block so giving it character as opposed to stereotyped mass produced limestone products.

The versatility and individuality of this Western Australian landscaping stone is apparent in the types of textures, colours and sizes of the stone that you can choose.

Our product range of WA Natural Limestone is quality assured and we have a large range of block sizes and limestone veneer and cladding readily available for any project. It's uses are only limited by your imagination. Our limestone block, rock, veneer and cladding products have been used in many applications including housing, landscaping, letterboxes, bbq surrounds, pizza ovens, fencing posts and random limestone walling amongst others.

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Whether you require 1 block or 1000 please contact us to give you the best price on WA Natural Limestone.

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We are able to offer our customers the use of our blocklifter to help with the laying of large heavy blocks. The blocklifter works in conjunction with any machinery that can lift the blocklifter to grip onto the side of a block as the photo's below show. Please speak to one of our staff if you would like the use of the blocklifter.

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